#MoocDEG: Amplifier les voix citoyennes via le numérique par le biais de la formation

AfricTivistes lance son  MOOC “ Démocratie, Élections et Gouvernance en Afrique” (Mooc DEG). Une grande première destinée à un large public pour fournir des contenus pédagogiques et didactiques sur la démocratie, la bonne gouvernance et les...

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Première phase de Sahel Insight bouclée au Niger

La caravane des formateurs Africtivistes a posé ses valises entre le 07 et le 11 Mars 2022 à l’hôtel Homeland de Niamey où il a été organisé un atelier de formation sur la lutte contre les inégalités au Sahel. Cette activité entre dans le cadre de...

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Rapport de synthèse des travaux du troisième Sommet AfricTivistes

AfricTivistes publie le rapport de synthèse des travaux de son troisième Sommet organisé à Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire) les 11,12 et 13 novembre 2021 avec pour thème "Promouvoir le développement et la gouvernance démocratique de l’Internet en Afrique"....

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Local Initiative for Justice

Projet: "The African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights has been the subject of much criticism over the course of its existence, and the influence of politics has often called into question the work of this body, which is judged to be relatively independent. However, despite the entry into force of the protocol establishing the African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights in 2004, the African Commission continues to be the main body of the African human rights system. The very restrictive conditions for referral to the Court do not allow the victims to assert their rights before this body. In fact, in order to better fulfill its protection mission, the African Commission, during its existence, relaxed its procedures, thus, improving its referral and its capacity action. " Nisrine Eba Nguema, The African Commission on Human and Peoples’ rights and its protection mission of the human rights. Created to help citizens by promoting human and peoples' rights and ensuring their protection in Africa, the Commission is unknown to the populations for which it carries out its missions. Through this project, Africtivists wants to help people understand more about the missions, roles and work of the Commission. Activities will involve more than 150 people across 5 countries with the participation of leading legal experts and human rights activists. With our partner AFRO / OSIWA, Africtivistes finances the various activities proposed and selected. The participants we are looking for must express a willingness to become human rights activists and / or are engaged actors of civil society (active member of organization, association or citizen movement). They must know how to use the internet, have an e-mail address, be registered on a social network, know how to use a computer and a smartphone.

Objectif: The project aims to set up an adequate environment for dialogue, exchange, discussion and debate around issues of human and peoples' rights.

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