The Association of Bloggers of Guinea met in Dalaba from 21 to 22 June 2019 for its annual retreat. This meeting brought together members of the organization to reflect on the challenges and prospects of the blogosphere of our country. It has been used to remind the objectives of the association with particular emphasis on the place that ABLOGUI must play in promoting democracy and respect for human rights. At the end of the meeting, the participants adopted the present resolution:

  • Conscious of the importance of the digital in the citizen expression and witnesses of the evolution of the circulation of the information driven by the development of the social networks, we, Abloguineans, decide to multiply our actions in favor of:
    • the fight against misinformation
    • the production of local content, the popularization of blogging, new means of citizen expression, such as digital campaigns.
  • Faithful to our ideals, we reiterate our willingness to support and accompany any initiative that goes in defense of freedom, democratic gains and the rights of citizens;
  • Convinced of the need to respect our laws and democratic principles, we affirm our total opposition to any action aimed at calling into question the principle of alternation, including the adoption of a new Constitution;
  • Let us support all initiatives aimed at preventing such a departure from our democracy and affirm our total commitment to work towards the common goal;
  • Announce our decision to use all the means that digital offers us to defend our democratic principles.

Dalaba on June 22, 2019