AFRICTIVISTES is working in Africa for the "Consolidation of democracy" and the improvement of legislation in African cyberspace. Accordingly, it is pleased to have established a partnership with ENDCODE a tech law and policy consultancy firm based in Johannesburg, South Africa, to provide AfricTivistes with a better understanding of the legal and regulatory developments occurring in countries and themes of interest.

EndCode defines itself as a dynamic, results-oriented team deeply committed to advancing Africa's digital future. Its objectives are in line with the orientations of AfricTivistes to build Africa's tomorrow, in particular to contribute to strengthening democracy in the broadest sense.

The two organizations will collaborate on initiatives that advance fundamental rights in technology laws in Africa and international standards. EndCode will support AfricTivistes with the analysis of technology policy and legislation on the continent. A series of analyses and recommendations will be published in order to safeguard human rights in cyberspace, and highlight violations of freedoms and threats to good governance. 


This collaboration between AfricTivistes and EndCode is timely. It perfectly aligns with our ideals of advocating for meaningful democracy, participatory democracy, E-governance and the effective anchoring of democratic culture in our respective countries," said AfricTivistes Chairperson Cheikh Fall.

According to Fall, this partnership is all the more important as the union of bloggers and Web-activists on the African continent directly acts or advocates for the involvement of actors in the various processes of political and social change. Thus, he says, EndCode will contribute to a better understanding of legality issues in regards to cyberspace. Also, as an advisory service, EndCode could help provide legal consultations to certain violations of rights and freedoms and instances of bad governance.

EndCode is a specialised consulting firm servicing local, regional, and international organisations in their navigation of technology laws and policies in Africa. EndCode is distinguished by its multidisciplinary expertise in law, policy, research, and advocacy in this technological environment. EndCode provides expert analysis and advice, and conducts national and regional studies on technology law and policy developments in Africa.

According to EndCode’s Regional Director, Pria Chetty, ‘the collaboration with AfricTivistes aligns with the EndCode mission to promote access to the benefits of technology and innovation by expanding the continent’s body of knowledge.” 

“AfricTivistes’ bid to see positive technology law and policy outcomes in the Africa region and EndCode’s genuine desire to make a positive impact on technology law and policy in Africa has led to this collaboration. Therefore, EndCode will be assisting to provide legal and policy understanding of the digital rights and tech policy environment and developments,” she added

With the increasing digitalization of our lives, demonstrated notably during this COVID-19 pandemic, AfricTivistes and EndCode are convinced that the improvement of digital laws in Africa is an integral to the fight for a strong democracy.

The first EndCode analysis for Africtivistes are on two laws in Niger. Namely Law N-0267 on the fight against cybercrime in Niger, 2019 and the Law on the interception of certain communications transmitted by electronic means in Niger, 2020. The analyses are available in English here